KBX Diffuser instruction video






KBX Diffuser Set

KBX Diffuser

Rubber Collar

KBX Translucent Cover

KBX Color Filter Set

KBX Filter Case

204 Full CT Orange – Most indoor environments with yellow tone – set the white balance between 2700~2800k

206 Quarter CT Orange – Most indoor environments with slightly yellow tone– Set the white balance between 3200~3500k

246 Quarter Plus Green – Most indoor environments with green tone – Set the white balance with the photo shot at the environment

202 Half CT Blue –Give the photo a blue tone




There are four types of KBX Diffusers, please check your flashgun model and choose the right KBX Diffuser.


     For Canon 600EX-RT  or  580EXII-RT



     For Canon 600EXII-RT



    For Nikon   ( Fit Nikon SB900,  SB910,  SB5000 )



    For Sony F60M


How to use and install KBX Diffuser and notes click here for more information





KBX Designer KENT







The idea behind KBX Diffuser

I have many years of wedding and event shooting experience, and I have never found an ideal diffuser. In my experience,

using Bump Flash with no diffuser often led to problems such as the model’s face not being fully lit or having a stiff flash effect

Most of the diffusers I have used before have the following problems:

The flash from the diffuser is too harsh

The diffuser structure is too hard, and it falls off easily when hit it accidently

The diffuser is too big to carry around or put away

The diffuser is too heavy and cause damage to the flashgun

Cannot fold the diffuser when not using it

Cannot efficiently change the color filter to match different environments

To solve the problems above, I spent years of effort combined with all my shooting experiences to create the KBX Diffuser.

 I can bet that after using it, you can’t go without it anymore because it’s designed from a professional view and is perfect for you.