How to install KBX Diffuser on Nikon SB910 SB900 and notes



Put on the rubber collar at the head of flashgun, then move the rubber collar to the location shown in the photo

(The rubber collar for Nikon is wider so it might be harder to put on)





Fold the rubber collar as shown in the photo





Put on the KBX Diffuser and fill the gap between the Diffuser and rubber collar by pushing the rubber collar up



Step4. After filling the gap, your flashgun should look like the photo






Step5. Unfold the rubber collar, and the Diffuser will be well held



Step6. Fold the rubber collar before taking off the Diffuser, and keep it on the flashgun like in the step1 photo for next use


Step7. When you use the Diffuser next time just start from step5




Things to know about storing KBX Diffuser

Please fold KBX Diffuser as the photo shows down below when it’s not being used for a long time