Camera: Canon 1DX
Lens: EF 24-70 F4 L IS
Flashgun: Canon 600EX-RT X3 + SE-T3-RT
KBX Diffuser X2 KBX Honeycomb Grid X1 KBX Color Filter set X1
Shooting environment: Photo studio
Photographer: A-Ren
File: RAW+ S JPG




To create sunset effect, we use three flashguns, two KBX Diffusers, and a KBX Honeycomb Grid


Set in KBX Direct Flash mode without pulling out the Translucent Cover and insert 2500k Color Filter to create sunlight





Set the flashgun outside the window to create a sunset light







Set KBX Honeycomb Grid in "short mode" to have a wider flash and flash directly on the face of the model with 206 Quarter CT Orange Color Filter















Set in KBX Bump Flash mode with 223 Eighth CT Orange Color Filter and lower the power of the flashgun. Have a 45 degrees flash to the white wall at the right of the model and reflect the flash by the wall to lower the contrast
















Through the control of ST-E3-RT, set the power of the three flashguns which are wirelessly controlled and set in M mode


Camera set in M mode
ISO250 f4 1/125













Then turn off the two flashguns in the room and leave the flashgun outside turned on
for a high contrast shot.