Camera: Canon 1DX
Lens: EF 50mm f1.2 L
Flashgun: Canon 600EX-RT X2
KBX Diffuser X2 KBX Honeycomb Grid X1
Shooting environment: Photo studio
Photographer: A-Ren
File: RAW+ S JPG



Flashgun off
Camera in M mode
ISO200 f 1.8 1/160











Flashgun on the camera at an angle set in KBX Bump Flash mode for a more 3D effect










The flashgun on the camera set in ETTL mode. This is the easiest way to shoot with KBX Diffuser, and to have a balanced flash effect









Next, place another flashgun with KBX Diffuser behind the model and set in KBX Honeycomb Grid "short mode"
(Color Filter is not needed)






To have a stronger direct shot effect from back, flash with two flashguns –
The flashgun on the camera set in KBX Bump Flash mode
The flashgun behind with KBX Honeycomb Grid and Direct Flash
Control another flashgun with the flashgun on the camera








Then insert the 204 Full CT Orange on the flashgun with Honeycomb Grid
The photo below is the end product