Camera: Canon 1DX
Lens: EF 24-70 F4 L IS
Flashgun: Canon 600EX-RT X4
KBX Diffuser X4 KBX Honeycomb Grid X3
Shooting environment: Photo studio
Photographer: A-Ren
File: RAW+ S JPG



Four flashguns + four KBX Diffusers+ three KBX Honeycomb Grids to create studio shot style











Easily change the Color Filter with KBX Diffuser to have various photo styles








A: 600EX-RT+KBX Honeycomb Grid (long mode) – To create background light
(Insert 201 Full CT Blue or 025 Sun Rise RED Color Filter)
B: 600EX-RT+KBX Honeycomb Grid (long mode) – To simulate desk lamp
(Insert 201 Full CT Blue or 2500k yellow Color Filter)
C:600EX-RT+KBX Honeycomb Grid (shot mode) – To brighten the face of the model with a wider brighten effect (Color Filter is no needed)
D:600EX-RT+KBX Diffuser with KBX Translucent Cover set in Direct Flash mode and through the reflection of the white board to lower the contrast
(Color Filter is not needed and lower power of the flashgun as much as possible)















KBX set is very suitable for model shooting, wedding shooting and studio shooting.


Camera in M mode
ISO400 f8 1/125
Flashgun in M mode

















Change the Color Filter in fast speed to create various photo styles