Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II

Lens: EF 85mm f1.2 L

Flashgun: Canon 600EX-RT

Shooting environment: Color temperature about 2700~2900k

File: RAW+ S JPG



Flashgun off

Auto white balance

Camera in M mode

ISO800    F/1.8     1/125









Flashgun in Direct Flash mode  (Without KBX  Diffuser)

ETTL mode (+1 power)

Auto white balance

Camera in M mode

ISO800     F/1.8   1/125




The color temperature of the flash is about 5500k without the 204 full CT Orange filter, so the model shown in 5500k color temperature.

Under yellow light of 2900k, a flash with 5500k will create double color temperature

The photo below shows the problem (The color temperature of background is correct but the model has a blue tone)

Moreover, Direct Flash will cause the model to be over brightened and have a stiff flash feeling






In KBX Direct Flash mode





Flashgun in ETTL mode (+1 power)

Camera in M mode

ISO800    F/1.8   1/125

White balance set in 2900k

Insert 204 full CT Orange filter (In order to prevent double color temperature)


The flashgun will flash in 2900k due to the Color Filter, so the color temperature will be similar to what we see at the shooting moment.



The photo below is a JPG file from camera

(In KBX Direct Flash mode - Light is softer)





To sum it up, in a yellow tone environment, if flash is necessary it's very important to insert the Color Filter closest to the actual color environment,

 and to set the camera in manual white balance.




End product (JPG file + slight photoshop)