Camera: Canon 1DX
Lens: EF 24-70 F4 L IS
Flashgun: Canon 600EX-RT X2
KBX Diffuser X2 KBX Honeycomb Grid X2
Shooting environment: Photo studio
Photographer: A-Ren
File: RAW+ S JPG

A:600EX-RT+KBX Honeycomb Grid (long mode) + KBX Translucent Cover to soften the flash and brighten the item
B:600EX-RT+KBX Honeycomb Grid (long mode) to create background light














Easily change the Color Filter with KBX Diffuser for various photo styles


Camera in M mode
ISO200 f4.5 1/250
Flashgun in M mode



















KBX set is very suitable for model shooting, wedding shooting and studio shooting.