How to install KBX Diffuser on 600EXii-RT and notes



Step1. Put on the rubber collar at the head of flashgun, then move the rubber collar to the location shown in the photo




Incorrect installation – Too high that Diffuser can’t be put on



Incorrect installation – Too low that Diffuser will easily fall off






Step2. Put on the Diffuser, and the KBX logo must face the way shown in the photo





Step3. Push the Diffuser hard in order to clamp both of them together






Step4. Check if the Diffuser is fully installed or not





Step5. Your flashgun will look like the photo

Tip: Take off the Diffuser by holding the bottom of the Diffuser






Things to know about storing KBX Diffuser

Please fold KBX Diffuser as the photo shows down below when it’s not being used for a long time